Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hope's Inspiration

Today I sat with my sister
pondering the oil spill.
Likening the surge of oil
to the veins in which Mother Earth's
blood is cut open wide.
An open wound rushing out
within the ocean of mankind.

Her sorrow emerging from
the depths of inner being.
We grieved with her.
The tears for all nature were
within us as we silenced our voices.
We felt the preciousness of
Her and prayed for a solution.

We then spoke of failed proposals,
lack of collaboration, lack of truth,
and the need for the presence of
openness and honesty.

We had to stop we said and speak of hope.
We knew there was a solution.
It is the unlimited potential
within hope and love and the
action taken from therein.

Suddenly, the shawls on our laps,
were wrapped around our heads
draping our minds with this new found hope.

We laughed from our hearts as if in the future looking
back on a previous time.
We spoke of Her wound being healed
by a simple solution of Oneness.
We spoke of lessons learned and
new ways of being.

We spoke within the laughter of our hearts
to know that She was well and we were whole
as a result of her wellness.

Suddenly, we found ourselves transformed
in front of a mirror with shawls around our heads.
Laughing from the joy of knowing
the solution was found.
There was a Planet healed and
within that process humanity healed itself.

We smiled into the mirror,
celebrating the joy of the moment
with our shawls around our heads.

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  1. This a a beautiful poem. It is filled with love and healing and magnificent imagery. I love it, keep writing poems, you are a true poetess.