Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Imagine Harmony

Imagine for a moment... An environment that supports you in such a way that you are respected and honored for who you are and given that which you need to thrive and grow.

What would such an environment look like? At its foundation, the environment would have the best at heart for everyone present. Its structure would be one of encouragement, love, and support where nurturing is present for growth and truth. It would be an environment where unlimited potential and solutions are present. Gratitude is expressed within receiving.

How could this be created? Simply, by the dissolving of the unsupportive persceptions within the mind and by the presence of Love. Without the presence of negative self talk the mind is clear and open to create beyond the limitations of negative thoughts. The Clear Mind Experience provides the tool to create this environment within yourself. As this is created within, so it is without.

The tool is a simple three part breath combined with the language of love practiced for ten minutes a day. The simplicity of the breath is at its essence and it returns you to your essence.

Now imagine our planet with this environment within humanity. Harmony is present within beauty and love. Peace.

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